1. Sissy

    We have known Michel and Oliver for years now, they have looked after our house and our dog Daisy many times when we are abroad for professional reasons, they are wonderful guys, very reliable, very tidy and our garden is always very neat with them, and Daisy our little sweetheart loves them !

  2. Cassia and Geoffrey

    I am Brazilian, Geoffrey and I go to Brazil every year for a month and I always feel confident to leave our house in the care of Michel and Oliver, they are trustworthy guys and I highly recommend them.

  3. Martine

    Quand je dois m’absenter, je fais appel à Michel et Olivier pour s’occuper de ma mère à mon domicile. Ils sont très attentionnés avec elle et ils ont toute ma confiance.

  4. Christine

    I am English and my husband is French, we run a bed and breakfast hotel in the South of France. We sometimes have to travel and we ask Michel and Oliver to run our business for us when we are away. They are very professionnal and helpful to our clients. They are very tidy, Michel is a good cook and prepares nice food for our guests. It is a relief for us to know them, we know that if we have obligations we can always ask them to help us.

  5. Gilles

    J’habite un appartement à Toulon et j’ai un chat très casanier, lorsque je pars en vacance souvent à l’autre bout de monde, je fais appel à Michel et Olivier pour s’occuper de mon appartement, chat et plantes vertes. Je pars tranquille en étant sure de laisser mon chez moi entre de bonnes mains. Ce sont vraiment des personnes de confiance.