Gay House Sitting

We are a gay couple, 49 and 54, and we are specialised in house sitting and caretaking the world over, for everyone and in particular for other gay people.

  • World-wide house sitting, caretaking and pet caring,
  • gardens, plants, swimming-pools maintenance,
  • home care services for elderly persons,
  • standing in for bed and breakfast, guest houses owners
  • for short periods or permanent

Careteking service at home, administration of apartments and properties
Customer welcome and reception, handing-over of the keys, cleaning, inventory of fixtures, cooking at home etc…

You can join us by the contact page or directly on our phone :

00 33 6 19 15 27 01 (whatsapp compatible)
00 55 85 99 28 84 41 41 (whatsapp compatible)

mail :